The Status Quo

When we say we are fulfilling a digital promise, we mean it. In fact, that’s how we came up with our platform – not by following best-in-class examples, but by being inspired by them, and by intuiting what cities and districts needs were from the tech industry.

We welcome the innovators, the lateral thinkers, and the digital disruptors of the world. If you want to change the face of tech, if you think you have the passion it takes to lead by example, then apply to join our team today. We provide an environment that nurtures just that kind of creativity.


Available Career Opportunities

Picacity is all about our people. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced professional, your future starts here.

Technical Lead


We are looking for someone with a passion for innovative Digital Solutions in the Smart Cities and Smart Governments space, and a solid technical track record in Software Integration, DevOps, Data, and Cloud Technologies.

Project Manager


We’re searching for a highly skilled project manager to contribute to company’s growth and help us maintain our position as an innovative authority. The ideal candidate will have production experience as well as strong work plan development and progress oversight skills. 

Data Engineer

The role of a data engineer can be defined as someone who has the knowledge and skills to create and maintain an optimal pipeline architecture.

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