Smart Cities, expertly crafted

A digital platform at the forefront of ever-evolving Smart City technologies, DistrictNex is our answer to the cities of the future, today.

Our leading-edge Smart City-as-a-Service digital platform will help you deliver on your business objectives, whether by upgrading your existing model or giving it a complete overhaul. With our industry expertise, you won’t have to worry about integrating legacy systems. Our platform facilitates the orchestration of existing networks and structures already in place – smoothly and with better end results.

Sound too good to be true?


Sustainable Decision-Making

Imagine a cloud native platform that leverages advanced technologies, Data, IOT and AI that provides you with the agility needed to fast track innovation – all while delivering on specific operational efficiency outcomes. Now imagine that same platform with an intuitive digital interface.

In addition to providing the insights for planning and decision making, our platform takes a holistic view to integrating legacy systems and data sources. The result? A breakdown of informational silos to enable a data foundation throughout the digital journey.

DistrictNex provides AI-driven insights in real time to power immediate, intelligent decision-making on the spot. These outcome-based assessments lead to sustainable resolutions for various facets of your business, securely enabling resource efficiency of energy, people, time, and more.

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A Cloud Native Platform

To expedite the process of transformation to a smart city or district, we’ve come up with the most natural solution: tech that was built from inception as a cloud-native platform. Why? To make for a rapid, secure and cost-effective turnaround.


Speaking of Security

One of the tenets of our business is the insistence on security and sustainability. At Picacity, we believe these two should go hand-in-hand, neither leading to a compromise of the other.

Our expertise in the realm of cloud security will help you decide what that means for your business, which is why we’ve come up with both Cloud Native and Hybrid Cloud models so that you can have the flexibility you need, whatever your choice may be.

Find out if a hybrid or full cloud model is best for you.

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